Hostgator Vs Bluehost review 2018

I’m sure most of you are puzzled and are in search of the perfect review of Hostgator vs Bluehost. Well, you have to come to the right place. My review on Hostgator vs Bluehost is given below. There are lakhs of people searching for information on the topic ‘Hostgator vs Bluehost‘ all over the world every single second.

Hostgator vs bluehost review







Hostgator vs Bluehost review

Hostgator vs Bluehost review






You might have gone wrong the last time you clicked on a site, but this time you will definitely appreciate visiting this site and checking this review of Hostgator vs Bluehost. Even after getting vision with my review, if you are left with any queries about ‘ Hostgator vs Bluehost‘, check out our in-depth individual reviews of each. I.e Hostgator and Bluehost or you can also contact us without any hesitation. If you do this, I’m pretty sure that you will know all you need to know about Hostgator vs Bluehost.

Usually, everyone finds themselves in a fix when the question arises about choosing the right host for their needs.

In this competitive world, every company is trying to prove themselves the best.Only after analyzing them and studying their efficiency you’ll get to know which company is the best. Here, we have made your work much more easier by analyzing each and every company by considering their every plan. It’s very important to choose the best as the worst will definitely spoil your company’s reputation and even might end up losing hope for your customers. So, here I present to you my Hostgator vs Bluehost review

It is essential for you to look for these features given below before you sign up with any company. These features are

  • Uptime
  • Price and plans
  • Server response time

Knowing only the names and not knowing what it means is useless. So let me begin explaining these features in brief one by one.

 Hostgator vs Bluehost


The word’ Uptime’ says it all. Uptime report is finding the percentage of active time of your site by considering the length of time it is up and available for your users. The only thing you should know that the uptime will vary from one server to another server. You can’t get the best results by considering only one site. So we decided to examine about 6-7 sites across the globe hosted by both companies.

The screenshots which are made available for your reference are given below.

Hostgator vs Bluehost review

Hostgator vs Bluehost review


Please note that we have taken the average of all the sites that we have examined. Coming to the report, Hostgator has never been below 99.99%. In reality, 100%, whereas Bluehost is struggling at the uptime of just 99.6%, which is very bad for a site. You may think that it is more than 99.5 % and so Bluehost should be good but having 99.6 % uptime is equivalent to a downtime for a day in a year. That to the least downtime possible is for a day. But actually, even 24 hours is too much. It is such an immense loss. Therefore, in uptime, Hostgator clearly dominates Bluehost. So the results of Hostgator vs Bluehost uptime test is as follows.

Winner: Hostgator

Price and plans:

Even Though both Hostgator and Bluehost are owned by the same company i.e. Endurance International group of companies, the servers provided for the domains are different from each other. So you can differentiate Hostgator and Bluehost due to different servers.

Hostgator vs Bluehost review

Hostgator vs Bluehost price and plans

Discount offer on hostgator


The starting price of both are almost the same. But for the top variant plan, the Hostgator costs $10.36/month and Bluehost costs around $6.3/month. One important thing you need to know is that the prices are comparable to each other but the service provided for the same is unmatchable in case of Hostgator. There are a lot of coupon codes available for Hostgator which reduces the initial cost upto 30%. But in the survey we don’t get any such codes for Bluehost. Another major con of Bluehost is that you have to pay around $100 in case you need to navigate to other hostages due to the inconvenience with them. Whereas Hostgator will provide that service for free. Considering all these facts, Hostgator has performed brilliantly and outperformed Bluehost in all criteria. I hope that my Hostgator vs Bluehost based on price and plans has helped you. From this, we can give the results based on price and plans for Hostgator vs Bluehost.


Winner: Hostgator


Server response time:

I want to start by elaborating the true meaning of server response time. The server response time is calculating the time lapse between the input by user and to give output for that input by the servers. The server response time is not only dependent on a hosting company but also on the data so the company plays an important role in that. Let me give you a clear idea of server response time. For instance,a site with 4mb data loads in 2 seconds whereas the site with 3mb loads in 1.8 seconds. You must note that these are the two sites which we found out in our testing period. So here, if you go according to the time, the site with the response time of 1.8 seconds wins but if you go according to the data of the site, the site with 4mb wins.

Hostgator vs Bluehost review Hostgator vs Bluehost speed test. Hostgator vs Bluehost speed test..

Hostgator vs Bluehost review Hostgator vs Bluehost review

So to understand these hosting companies better, we made a plan to purchase each domain from both companies and uploaded same datas in both and we ran the sites for several months. After that,we examined the server response time of both sites, the one was hosted under Hostgator and the other by Bluehost. But what we found out is, the site hosted under Hostgator loads faster than that of Bluehost. From this conclusion, we can prove which site is better based on server response time Hostgator vs Bluehost.

Winner: Hostgator


We have 2 buttons down here, if you would like to read about Hostgator or Bluehost in depth then you can quickly click below to read their individual in-depth reviews.

Hostgator review

Bluehost review


Customer Support:

Both Hostgator and Bluehost is managed by the same company doesn’t mean they have the same quality. Hostgator in terms of customer support also gives a lot more than Bluehost in fact. That is the reason one would always find Hostgator in the top 5 hosting companies.

Hostgator Vs Bluehost review


Hence based on uptime, price and plans and server response time, we can clearly state that Hostgator is the winner of the Hostgator vs Bluehost review.

Ultimate winner: Hostgator

Buying domains or hosting from Hostgator or Bluehost is made easy. You can just click below to visit them personally. It will also help me out to rank my sites higher in search engines.

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I hope my Hostgator vs Bluehost review has helped you out. For more queries just drop a mail or contact us. Thank You!!!

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