Hostgator VS Ipage review 2018

Heyyy !!! In alphabets ‘I’ always comes after ‘H’ but does ipage also come after Hostgator in its features or is the other way around. To find out the answer to this question,please proceed reading this Hostgator vs Ipage review of mine.

Hostgator vs ipage review

hostgator vs ipage revew

hostgator vs ipage review

3 Major points that should be noticed while choosing a host for your site

  •  Uptime
  •  Price and plans
  •  Speed or loading time


Hostgator VS Ipage

You will definitely end up having the answer you require as to which hosting site is better between these two hosting sites as now a day’s choosing a right host for your needs is quite a challenging task, which puts you up against lots of questions and doubts in your mind. But I am sure that my Hostgator vs Ipage review will untangle your mind from this question.

Now I will provide you the clear vision about the both hosting companies by giving you the *required details* about the tests conducted by my team.

Uptime report


Uptime report is nothing but the activeness of your site on the internet represented in terms of percentage ( % ). Undoubtedly how much more the % is, that much good the site is.

Below you can see the uptime report of both Ipage and Hostgator which is noticed and characterized by my team regularly and reported before you.

Hostgator performed outstandingly as compared to Ipage. You can notice that the Hostgator has never been down below 99.99% which is considered as classic for today’s marketing standards.

hostgator vs ipage review

hostgator vs ipage review

I have provided the uptime graph of both sites hosted by Ipage as well as Hostgator. You alone can judge the best host by analyzing the uptime graph. In this aspect, clearly the site hosted by Hostgator wins in this Hostgator vs Ipage review based on uptime.


Winner: Hostgator

Price and Plans


I went across many reviews of Hostgator Vs Ipage, in most of those reviews, everyone reported that Hostgator is worth only when it comes to Business class hosting, whereas Ipage is worth only for small-scale hosting. But according to me, this conclusion is wrong. I am not blindly saying it. You can rely on me on this fact as I will provide you the reason to make my argument stronger.

Discount offer on Hostgator

Hostgator vs ipage review

hostgator vs ipage review

For small scale business with Hostgator, you can go for their Hatching plan which you will get at $ 3.96/ month, which is very handy for small-scale businesses and you will be provided with lots of freebies to make your site interesting which is worth the money though. And I really don’t believe in unlimited packages provided by Ipage though it’s very cheap. So considering all the aspects I declare Hostgator to be the leading one in this Hostgator vs Ipage review based on price and plans.


Winner: Hostgator

Server response time OR Loading time


Server response time is the time taken by the server to respond to the command given by the web browser. If server response time is slow then your pages will take more time to display and eventually your site will load slowly. One can say that response time is good if your site loads within 2-3 seconds.

This is one of the major issues which decide the quality of the web hosting companies. If this factor is missing in the list of promises the company makes, then it would be a hardship.

I created a server response test to predict the better hosting company among Hostgator and Ipage. Even in this aspect Hostgator outperformed Ipage. My Hostgator vs Ipage review clearly shows it.

hostgator vs ipage review hostgator vs ipage review hostgator vs ipage review


hostgator vs ipage reviewhostgator vs ipage reviewhostgator vs ipage review

According to my experience in the field of web hosting, I can tell that Hostgator can approximately load 1.5 mb in a matter of seconds while Ipage might take a little more time.So the winner of this review of Hostgator vs Ipage based on server response time is;


Winner: Hostgator

We have 2 buttons down here, if you would like to read about Hostgator or Ipage in depth then you can quickly click below to read their individual in-depth reviews.


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Customer support

I can never ever support the customer service that Ipage provides. Because I am a victim of it.In simple words, though Ipage has 24*7 live chat and other support facilities. It fails to handle out the major problems. Affiliate support is really bad. As an experienced player in this field I would rate Hostgator higher for giving better customer support when compared to Ipage.

So the winner of Hostgator vs Ipage review based on customer support is;


Winner: Hostgator


Ipage Vs Hostgator

And announcing the ultimate winner: Hostgator

And now the time has come to announce the ultimate winner:  Godaddy

Buying domains or hosting from Hostgator or Ipage is made easy. You can just click below to visit them personally. It will also help me out to rank my sites higher in search engines.

Visit Hostgator

Visit Ipage


I hope my Hostgator vs Ipage review has helped you out. For more queries just drop a mail or contact us. Thank You!!!


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