Ipage VS Godaddy Review 2018 – Huge discounts

Hello people. Hope you all are doing well today, and i’m happy that you reached out to my post about Ipage vs Godaddy review. Okay now, do you agree ? that choosing a hosting is kind of a difficult job ? Yes, maybe but I’m not gonna take a lot of your time, I’m gonna keep it simple and easy. My team has researched elaborately considering every minute feature of several web hosting companies, to give you a clear picture. My Ipage Vs Godaddy review will even tell a beginner the real story of the company before you start hosting with it.

ipage vs godaddy review

Ipage vs Godaddy review

ipage vs godaddy review

3 Major points while choosing a host for your site

  • Uptime
  • Price and plans
  • Speed or Loading time

Ipage Vs Godaddy


Now a days, it is a difficult task even for webmasters to choose a right host for their domains since all the companies promise to give good services. But it wouldn’t be a tolerable one, if you end up with the bad host. I am sure that this Ipage Vs Godaddy review will help a lot in choosing the right one for your business.

Uptime reports

First let me go with the Uptime report.

One can define uptime as “The amount of time that their server stayed up and running fluently without any issues”. And uptime is generally characterized by means of percentage like 99.99%, 100% etc. And no one wishes to let their server down even for a while (Say for some minutes), It would be a huge loss since their clients will not be able to reach them during this period of downtime.

This is one of the major parameter which decides the quality of the web hosting company. In order to help you out, here we are with the Ipage vs Godaddy review.

Below you can see the uptime report of both Ipage and Godaddy in my ipage vs godaddy review which has been monitored for a year and more. This will enable us to differentiate between them.

ipage vs godaddy review

ipage vs godaddy review

ipage vs godaddy review
Some old uptime reports of Ipage. In case you wanna know the change
ipage vs godaddy review
Some old uptime report of godaddy. In case you wanna know the change

Now coming to the graphical analysis in the above screenshots you can see that, lately Godaddy doesn’t suffer from any downtime. Which is indeed perfect for any websites. Where as Ipage is struggling a lot tomaintain an uptime of 99.99%. Which is not bad but not the best too.

Winner: Godaddy

Plans And Prices


So the best part ? Here is the deal: Some where above the price and plans images there is a cool button and a banner, which you can click on to enjoy huge benefits like discounts. Hope you enjoy it.


Here with our Ipage vs Godaddy review you get a deeper vision of both the companies in terms of price.

Ipage is always famous for their cheap price. The Launch plan of Ipage starts at $1.68 per month. Which is reasonable as they provide free domain name and lots of freebies.

Well, if you choose to host with Ipage then click on to the discount banner to avail a discount pay of $1.50 per month. Or click on the button below to visit Ipage. 

And also offering 30% off on any products you buy from Godaddy through the banner below or click on the Blue button to visit Godaddy and complete your purchase.

Visit Ipage


Visit Godaddy


CLICK BELOW TO AVAIL 30% off      

30%* off! Get going with GoDaddy!


RS 99* hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

ipage vs godaddy review
Ipage Price and Plans

ipage vs godaddy review

While Godaddy provides starter plan at $2.24 per month which is cheap yet costlier when compared with Ipage. And there are less freebies provided here.


Winner:  Ipage 

Website loading test or Speed test


Website speed test or Website loading test is nothing but “The measurement of time within which the site loads and how much time it will take to display your contents. It should be as minimum as it can, then the site will load quicker. No one wants their visitors to wait for long until their site loads. 

I have made a speed test to determine the loading time of some of the sites which are hosted by Ipage and Godaddy. Below is the results.

Ipage Speed test

ipage vs godaddy review ipage vs godaddy review ipage vs godaddy review

Godaddy speed test

ipage vs godaddy review ipage vs godaddy review ipage vs godaddy review

Ipage has the ability to load up to 1.5 Mb per sec. So one can rely on Ipage without doubt.

Godaddy has the ability to load up to 1.75 Mb per sec. So when compared to Ipage it’s a little faster.


Winner:   Godaddy


We have 2 buttons down here, if you would like to read about Ipage or Godaddy in depth then you can quickly click below to read their individual in-depth reviews.


Ipage Review 2016

Godaddy review 2016

Customer Support


I have personal experience with both Ipage as well as Godaddy when it comes to hosting.

Ipage customer support facility is really good. As they have 24*7 live chat, call in option And Ticket option. But their customer service unit is not up to the mark. I had faced a lot of problem when it came to uptime and affiliate marketing. Though the problems got its solutions, it took a lot of time for the same. And here is why I have written this Ipage vs Godaddy review to save your time.

When it comes to Godaddy, they don’t have much customer support facilities but the call in option is really good though. The support unit is really fast and satisfactory.

Ipage Vs Godaddy review

And now the time has come to announce the ultimate winner:  Godaddy

Buying domains or hosting from Ipage or Godaddy is made easy. You can just click below to visit them personally. It will also help me out to rank my sites higher in search engines.

Visit Ipage

Visit Godaddy


I hope my Ipage vs Godaddy review has helped you out. For more queries just drop a mail or contact us. Thank You!!!


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One Reply to “Ipage VS Godaddy Review 2018 – Huge discounts”

  1. I wouldn’t say that iPage is the best hosting service around, but I think that they give the most value out of your money if you’re looking for budget hosting. We all know most budget hosting sites are mostly a waste of time. However, iPage has proved to be the same.
    The uptime is not 100%. It’s not even 99%. I’m using an uptime monitoring application and my hosting drops 7-10 times per week, but I have not noticed this by myself so it could be in a short span of seconds to few minutes. Still, it can be a factor for my SEO and traffic. You have proved that you’re not biased like other bloggers around. Even though you have a affiliate with them you have ! mentioned the cons of Ipage so clearly. Good job. Good article.

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