Siteground VS Ipage review 2018

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Hope you all are doing well today, and i’m happy that you reached out to my post about Siteground vs Ipage review. Okay now, do you agree ? that choosing a hosting is kind of a difficult job ? Yes, maybe but I’m not gonna take a lot of your time, I’m gonna keep it simple and easy.

This review is all about Siteground vs Ipage. This Siteground vs Ipage review will open up your mind to the various features required to look for while choosing a perfect hosting site. Based on these features, we have made it easy for you by stating the winner in Siteground vs Ipage competition.

siteground vs ipage review

Siteground vs ipage review

Siteground vs ipage review


When it comes to the matter of hosting,each and every hosting company is associated with both pros and cons. Just because pros and cons are the 2 different faces of the same coin. We have considered both the advantages and disadvantages of these hosting companies in our Siteground vs Ipage review to help you out with making the right choice before leaving my site. This review of Siteground vs Ipage will put an end to all your confusion by showing our technical review based on the technical facts (tests).

3 Major points that should be noticed while choosing a host for your site

  • Uptime
  • Price and plans
  • Speed or loading time


Siteground vs Ipage

To get the in depth review about Siteground or Ipage separately click the buttons below to redirect to my Individual reviews of Siteground and Ipage.

Uptime Report


When web hosting comes into picture the first thing that comes to our mind is its Uptime report. First let me elaborate what exactly uptime means, “It is the amount of time the service is up and available for the users on the internet”. It is generally defined in terms of percentage.



siteground vs ipage review

siteground vs ipage review

siteground vs ipage review
Some old uptime reports of Siteground. In case you wanna know the change
siteground vs ipage review
Some old uptime reports of Ipage. In case you wanna know the change

Now focusing towards the uptime report of Siteground Vs Ipage which I have given below, is personally noticed by my team often. Well, moving on to the main point, Siteground is one such company which never compromises in this aspect and the uptime report has never gone below 99.99%, which is great for any site or online e-commerce sites. On the other hand Ipage is struggling to keep their promise. As of now they are providing less than 99.99%. There have been days in the past when their sites had gone down for almost 3 days for maintenance purpose( My personal experience).

Now it’s time to announce the winners of this Siteground Vs Ipage review based on uptime reports.It’s clear from the above facts that Siteground is the winner of this Siteground Vs Ipage review.


Winner: Siteground


Price and Plans


When coming to the pricing, Ipage sells domains at cheaper rates, as its price starts from $1.66/mo. And the unlimited everything  such as storage space, bandwidth, number of domains etc could be believed up to a certain extent. They are very good for hosting small scale businesses where uptime, server response time won’t bother you much. But while coming to Siteground, they are quite costlier, if if you get the hosting with the help of promo codes. So I do not suggest them for small scale businesses. And they are a little costlier while compared to Ipage as their starting plan starts from $3.95/mo. with unlimited features. But for the business class they are considered as one of the best since they provide the best features and guarantees 99.99%.


Visit Siteground

Web Hosting

Visit Ipage


siteground vs ipage review

Siteground price and plans







siteground vs ipage review

Ipage Price and Plans

Winner: Ipage


Server response time


The server response time or the loading speed of the website is one of the major factors to be considered after price. Hosting company must provide this to keep their customers happy.

Server response time is “The time lag between the input by the browser and the output by the server”. The server response time should be as minimum as possible. Then the site would be considered to be okay. Because the clients or the visitors visiting your site might have lack of patience.

siteground vs ipage review siteground vs ipage review siteground vs ipage review
siteground vs ipage review siteground vs ipage review siteground vs ipage review

According to my survey or research. Siteground can load large sized sites within seconds while Ipage might take a bit more.

So from this we can say that the winner of this Siteground vs Ipage review based on server response time is.


Winner: Siteground

We have 2 buttons down here, if you would like to read about Siteground or Ipage in depth then you can quickly click below to read their individual in-depth reviews.


Siteground review 2016

Ipage review 2016



Customer support


I can never ever support the customer service that Ipage provides. Because I am a victim of it in simple words, though Ipage has 24*7 live chat and other support facilities. It fails to handle out the major problems. Affiliate support is really bad. As an experienced player in this field I would rate Siteground higher for giving better customer support when compared to Ipage.

So the winner of this ipage vs Siteground review based on customer support is.


Winner: Siteground

Ipage vs siteground

Now its time to announce the ultimate winner. It’s Siteground.


Buying domains or hosting from Ipage or Godaddy is made easy. You can just click below to visit them personally. It will also help me out to rank my sites higher in search engines.


Visit Siteground

Visit Ipage

I hope my Siteground vs Ipage review 2016 has helped you out. For more queries just drop a mail or contact us. Thank You!!!

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  1. Siteground excels in customer service and was able to answer my questions efficiently and effectively via live chat. As a small business owner, my time is valuable, too, and I feel that Siteground is in touch with professionals who need a great site and quick solutions. I have used other web hosting services in the past, which eventually all had issues – so far, after a year with Siteground, I have not encountered any issues. I would highly recommend their services for the small-medium business scale owners. And thanks to you for letting people know that Siteground is a good choice. Good article. Cheers !!!

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