Siteground VS Hostgator Review 2018

For e-commerce businesses, reviews are a gold mine of information. So here I am with my new review that is Siteground vs Hostgator. We hear the words Siteground and Hostgator so much when it comes to hosting but then we wonder who is the actual winner in this competition of Siteground vs Hostgator.

Siteground vs hostgator review

siteground vs hostgator review

siteground vs hostgator review

When we decide to host a website, we get puzzled when it comes to choosing the right hosting provider. So here,the competition Siteground vs Hostgator begins. Since both the companies provide a variety of features, freebies along with hosting plan, it might get you into trouble before stepping forward. But you needn’t worry as I’m here to help you out with my past experiences with these hosting providers. I’ve tried my best to differentiate between the two in this competition of Siteground vs Hostgatorbased on different aspects to help you with ease. I’ve conducted a number of tests and have concluded this review of Siteground vs Hostgator with the following results.


Siteground VS Hostgator

Now, I’m going to analyse the hosting providers by considering 3 of the important factors,to help out the beginners as well.

  • Uptime
  • Price and plans
  • Speed test or server response time

I have elaborated these factors for Siteground vs Hostgator in my Siteground vs hostgator review below.


Uptime Report:


Uptime report is a process of finding the stability and reliability of operating system by considering the time factor (measurement), how much time it has stayed up and is available for the users. Down here you can interpret the images of uptime reports of both the hosting providers i.e. Siteground and hostgator which have been recognised by my team on the periodic basis and is made available for you. Just have a careful look at it as you may get surprised by seeing these pictures.

siteground vs hostgator review

siteground vs hostgator review

Well, both the sites have a great uptime report. Since both the providers have excellent uptime, we cannot differentiate them on the basis of their uptime. So the results of my Siteground vs Hostgator review based on uptime is given below.


Winner: Tie


Price and plans:


You have to look at the prices until and unless you are a millionaire. But sometimes even a millionaire will have concern towards the money spent.The company has to provide the best features at a low cost. Now coming to the price and plans of both the companies. In my siteground vs hostgator review, I have tried my best to provide you each and every detail by analysing each and every plan of the responsive hosting companies.


Discount on Siteground

Discount on Hostgator

siteground vs hostgator review

Siteground vs hostgator review

Both the companies sell domains in 3 different plans, which is a very nice thing. In their basic plans, both of them provide almost same features such as guaranteed uptime of 99%, Unlimited diskspace, unlimited bandwidth, free domain registration etc. But when you go to choose their top variant plan to host your domain, even there they have added some more features such as Anti hack system, FTP accounts, Unlimited mail accounts etc. But since Hostgator is in the field of hosting since many years, They have a lot of coupons which can give you around 30% discount. Even I have some of them, and you can contact me personally to get them revealed.

So the winner on the basis of price and plans in my review of Siteground vs Hostgator is,


Winner: Hostgator



Server response time or Loading time:


By hearing  the word “Server response time” the question that arises in our minds is what is it actually about? First,let me clear this question of yours.

The server response time is “The amount of time that the system will take to react to a request from the user”. The response time of a site should be low indeed say 3-4 seconds is a good loading time or if it’s loading in milliseconds then it’s great.

siteground vs hostgator review siteground vs hostgator review siteground vs hostgator review

siteground vs hostgator review siteground vs hostgator review siteground vs hostgator review

If the server time of the site is low, the reason might be the hosting provider as well, The more number of mega bytes it loads in a sec matters a lot here. Hostgator can load up to 1.5 Mega bytes within a matter of seconds, while siteground might take some more seconds.

On the basis of server response time,here is the result of my review of Siteground vs Hostgator.


Winner: Hostgator


We have 2 buttons down here, if you would like to read about Siteground or Hostgator in depth then you can quickly click below to read their individual in-depth reviews.


Siteground review

Hostgator review


Customer support:


This is one of the main factors people should look at while choosing hosting from a company. There are a large number of promises they provide but the question is how many of them are  actually going to fulfill these promises? Well, with my experience I can say both the companies may or may not fulfil your promises but they are definitely going to help you out with them.

Siteground vs hostgator reprot


And now to announce the ultimate winner: Hostgator


Buying domains or hosting from Ipage or Godaddy is made easy. You can just click below to visit them personally. It will also help me out to rank my sites higher in search engines.


Visit Siteground

Visit Hostgator

 I hope my Siteground vs Hostgator review has helped you out. For more queries just drop a mail or contact us. Thank You!!!

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